Specialty Diamond 7100WPAD 7 Inch 100 Grit Wet Diamond Polishing Pad (7100WETPAD)

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Professional grade starter pad set for concrete, granite, and marble polishing. Specialty Diamond 7" Wet Diamond Polishing Pad, 3mm thick - 100 Grit. It has outstanding finish on concrete countertop flat surface, contoured surface, edge polishing and concreted floor polishing resulting in high gloss shine. Also works well on marble flat surface, edges, and floor polishing and works equally well on softer stone, travertine terrazzo, glass polishing, granite edge polishing and quartz edge.

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  • Resin based Diamond abrasive, 7" Wet Diamond Polishing Pad - 100 Grit
  • Designed to polish floor, larger area of stones such as Marble, Concrete, Terrazzo. Granite Quartz for high gloss shine
  • Aggressive, semi-flexible and durable made with quality resin impregnated diamond powder, performs very well on floor polishing also
  • Used with Wet Grinders Polishers variable speed/constant speed
  • Used for Granite, Concrete, Marble, stones, tiles polishing
  • Optimal RPM 2200, Max RPM 4500
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Model# 7100WPAD
UPC 645710005923
Brand Speciality Diamond

California Proposition 65

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