1. Backing & Buffing Pads

    Prolific industrial design combines with detail oriented engineering expertise to produce a finest range of quality backing pads that exude ruggedness and reliability. At extremely competitive pric

  2. Diamond Band Saw Blades

    Specialty Diamond band saw blades are meticulously designed and manufactured for popular diamond band saws for precise cutting of multiple hard materials including tile, glass, stained glass, and s

  3. Diamond Blades

    Specialty Diamond's range of finest diamond blades features continuous rim turbo design that makes it effective for multitude of applications involving different materials including concrete, stone

  4. Diamond Glass Cutting

    Specialty Diamond grinding beads are designed for use on popular diamond grinders and mills to perform stock removal, shaping, profiling and hole drilling applications in tile, glass, stained glass

  5. Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels

    Get the job done with Specialty Diamond's finest range of diamond grinding cup wheels that excel in terms of reliability and performance. Made of highest quality materials and manufactured through

  6. Diamond Polishing Pads

    Available in varying outer diameters and grit ratings are the Specialty Diamond polishing pads. These are designed and manufactured with highest quality raw materials and innovative production stan

  7. Diamond Profile Wheels

    Specialty Diamond's range of premium profile wheels can be used for shaping any type of stone. Use these profile wheels for both wet and dry applications. These vacuum brazed profile wheels are des

  8. Diamond Stone Router Bits

    Specialty Diamond's diverse variety of premium quality stone router bits can be relied upon by all craftsmen whether they be amateurs, hobbyists or professionals. These stone router bits are made w

  9. Diamond Triangular Pads

    Specialty Diamond presents a range of triangular dry pads in the variety of 50, 100, 200 and 400 grits. When craftsmen are in the hunt for a better finish that can be achieved cost effectively, the

  10. Electroplated Polishing Pads

    Manufactured using high heat resistant resin matrix and electroplated diamond technology, Specialty Diamond electroplated polishing pads effectively dry polish into corners and along edges without

  11. Grinding Wheels & Flaps

    When all you need is quality and performance in a job of professional grinding, you can put your faith in Specialty Diamond's range of grinding wheels and flaps that are manufactured with highest q

  12. Sanding Belts / Sand Papers

    When craftsmen need to get their finishing touches just right, role of every accessory and part is of utmost importance. That's why Specialty Diamond offers a range of premium quality sanding belts